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Friday, 9 March 2012

Snap Slappers - Spring making

Little Miss Sunshine has been doing some making and as she made a 'spring' mobile I thought it would be perfect for a very slapped up Snap Slappers. Here is the original:

Then I had lots of fun adding stickers (who says stickers are just for kids!!)

For some more Snap Slappers fun head over to Five Go Blogging - just click the badge!

The mobile was made from a kit that I got as a free sample (I did pay £1.50 p+p) from the lovely Little Doers and DadzClub (you don't have to be a Dad to be a member and they have some great articles, comps and offers). Little Doers is a craft subscription site and we were very impressed - we had lots of fun making our crafty fun pack. They have subscriptions starting at £12 and you can find more info from Little Doers.

This is not a review or sponsored post and anyone can pay post and packing and get a free crafty fun pack. All views are my own.


  1. Brilliant with glasses on her:)

  2. What a gorgeous girl with and without her Spring adornments!

  3. Hi there, we're glad you both had fun playing with the sample kit.
    Ed @Little Doers


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