Rollercoaster Mum: A Watery Week - Project 52 - Week 43


Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Watery Week - Project 52 - Week 43

On the photo front this week has been utterly crap - I have only taken 14 photos all week - that has to be the lowest number since I started this project (and 11 of them were of a spiders web!) Big fat fail.

The reasons - life even more hectic than usual with photos being lost off the OH's precious ipad (I was in deep water for that one), playdates and trying to prepare for the local NCT sale this weekend. Why was it watery? Apart from me being in deepest doggy doo for the photo fiasco on the ipad (thankfully now fixed after many hours of fiddling around), the weather was just damp and horrible all week (where the hell has the sun gone - it must be on holiday) and one good watery thing - the girls both moved up a swimming level with Little Miss Sunshine moving up to the big pool - yay!

The photo - well it has to be the swimming certificates of course! (bit dull I know but it's all I've got) Now for the weekend which is going to be even more hectic than the week (although hopefully more fun!) - See ya's!

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  1. Great to see them swim at a young age.
    Well done Little Miss Sunshine on moving to the big pool. :-)

  2. Well done to the girls! I think it's great that they get a certificate and badge each, makes it that bit more special. Glad you got the ipad sorted!

  3. blogs are made or memories like this, lovely pic


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