Rollercoaster Mum: It's a Wild & Windy Night - oooooh it's Halloween!


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's a Wild & Windy Night - oooooh it's Halloween!

What a night for Halloween (or Hello-ween as Little Miss Sunshine says!) It is wild and windy out there and apparently there's a full moon - you can't tell 'cause of the rain.

We don't actually go a bundle on Halloween in our house as although I'm happy to have the trick or treaters knock at the door I have never, as yet, taken mine trick or treating. It's all a bit over the top in my humble opinion - we have once again succumbed to American consumerism gone mad. I remember dressing up and the odd Halloween party with apple bobbing and such like when I was a kid but dress ups were mainly homemade and other than a few pumpkins and toffee apples the shops didn't go to town. I don't really like trick or treating as it seems an entirely wrong message to send your kids that it's OK to knock on people's doors and just ask for sweets - errr at whatever other time would this be acceptable? (Probably just me but that's my opinion for what it's worth and I still have some sweets and treats ready.)

We did go to a Halloween party at the weekend and that was fun (even if I did regret the surfeit of red wine the next day!) and the village does their fireworks and bonfire every year as a Halloween one with pumpkin carving competitions and spooky music. This is all fine I just object to it being sooo consumerised.

Today I was at work until the middle of the afternoon anyway so a hurriedly carved pumpkin and making some Halloween fairy cakes (out of a packet) was about all that happened. They took it upon themselves to draw some pumpkins and make a lantern and the door was duly decorated for the (thankfully) few trick or treaters that make it to our end of the village. They still had fun though and I enjoyed halloween picmonkeying them a couple of weeks ago - mwahahahahaha!


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  1. Loving all the decorations and the cakes look great.

  2. I love how you made cakes for the trick or treaters - very enterprising and keeps the kids amused in half term!


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